when you imagine an expert coder, a data scientist, or a historical figure who helped shape computing?

Common understandings of who and what are involved in AI-related fields are narrow, gender biased, and not entirely accurate. Women and gender diverse people have made groundbreaking contributions and interventions that have—and continue to—build the field of computing in and beyond our Canadian context. And yet, these individuals are left underrepresented and unacknowledged. This is both limited, and limiting; it restricts who ends up contributing to STEM, and the technologies that come out of it. 


Pioneers contributed foundational work to the development of computing technologies, allowing for future innovations and breakthroughs. 

Entrepreneurs have started business to address gaps they identified in the field. They demonstrate that when an industry won’t change you can take matters into your own hands and make waves. 

Disruptors are committed to shaking up the status-quo. Activists, truth-tellers, and advocates for their beliefs, they are unafraid of making waves in order to build a more just society and technological system. 

Thinkers grappled with theories of technology and computing contributing important philosophical context to the developments occurring around them. Their deep thinking helped others build upon their findings and imagine thoughtful futures. 

Makers are outstanding at imagining, designing, and producing inventions. Their contributions literally built the foundations for technology that impact our everyday lives.